Kinder Goats

Kinder goats are a medium sized dual purpose goat. They are truly the ideal goat – big enough to produce milk and meat for an entire family, but small enough for older children to handle with ease, they require much less space and feed than their full-sized relatives. Kinders are naturally friendly goats with a gentle disposition, making them ideal for 4H as well. My kids can easily handle our bucks year round, even during breeding season!

These friendly little goats usually have 2-4 babies when they kid, and can be bred any time of the year, making it easy to plan kids when most convenient for your climate and circumstances. These happy, hardy little goats kid easily and tend to be great mothers. They are fun to have around and a joy to milk.

At Pricker Patch Farm, we breed for conformation, milk production and disposition. Goats that are not exceptional in all areas will not be used in our breeding program, nor will they be sold as breeding quality Kinders. Our goal is to continue to improve our herd through careful breeding for the following qualities:

·      High milk production and exceptional udder quality.

·      Rapid growth rate with high feed conversion.

·      Excellent conformation and disease resistance.

·      Friendly, gentle personalities.

We have been thrilled with our Kinder goats, and hope you are too!!

Kinder is the registered trademark of the KGBA

More information on the Kinder breed can be found at the following links: